Easy Action –
Easy Action (1984 version)
Tandan Records/Karlebo Software AB

Easy Action

Easy Action (1984 version)

Vinyl, cassette

Rocket Ride
Mental Dance
The End Of The Line
Don’t Cry, Don’t Crack
Another Saturday Night
Round Round Round
We Go Rockin
Let’s Lose Control
Rock Things Out
Number One
Rock On Rockers

Notes: Second pressing has track B2 spelled “We Go Rockin” an B3 “Lets Lose Control”
and track B5 is replaced by “Rock On Rockers” (Marcello/Tyrone/Zan).
A “secret message” is also carved into the vinyl beside the label. On the A-side it reads: “The beat goes round, it goes in and out”
and the B-side: “Spread your legs and you’ll know what its all about”

All songs published by Tiger Music, adm. by Warner Bros. Music


Zinny Zan  – Vocals
Kee Marcello – Guitars, Keyboards
Alex Tyrone – Bass
Chris Lynn  – Rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Freddy Van Gerber – Drums

Note: On the cover of the 1984 version Danny Wilde is replaced with
Chris Lynn. It’s still Wilde that plays on the album, though.


Produced by Easy Action
Recorded and mixed by Ollie Larsson and Bo Larsson at Decibel Studios/Bastun Studios
“End Of The Line” and “Rock On Rockers” recorded by Ollie Larsson and mixed by Paris at Polar Studios
Executive producer: Sanji P. Tandan
Mastered by Peter Dahl at Cutting Room
Cover design by Pete Barrett
Inner sleeve by Ermalm’s Egenart
Cover photo by Göran Lindsjö
Inner sleeve photos by Andrew Chen and Jan Rydkvist

Easy Action – Easy Action (1983 version)

Easy Action – Easy Action (2007 version)


Easy Action

Easy Action (1984 version)