Kingpin –
Welcome To Bop City
CMM Records


Welcome To Bop City

Vinyl and cassette

Bop City
Shout It Out
I Don’t Care ‘Bout Nothin’
Squeesin’ Teazin’
The Explorer
Nowhere Fast
I’m Your Love
Dirt Talk

‘Welcome To Bop City’ – released 1988 in Sweden only – is the very same album as ‘Shotgun Messiah’.
‘Shotgun Messiah’ is a remixed version of the same album with a different cover and tracklisting (see below), and some slight changes in the credit-list.
‘Welcome To Bop City’ was never released on CD, though.
A first version of the single, ‘Shout It Out’, saw the light of day 1987.

(Notes: Backing vocalist P.O. Peterson was the lead singer in Act together with Tim Skold and the producer, Matt Olausson, went on to play keyboards in Yngwie Malmsteen’s band.

A “secret message” is also carved into the vinyl outside the label. On the A-side it reads: “Turn on, tune in, drop out” and the B-side: “We head for Uranus!”)


Zinny J. Zan – Provocals
Harry K. Cody – Guitarmageddon
Tim Tim – Basstard
Stixxx Galore – Drum ‘n coke

Additional musicians:
Tord Jacobsson – Drums (on “The Explorer”)
P.O. Peterson – Backing vocals


Produced by Matt J. Olausson
Engineered by Peter In De Betou
Recorded at CMM Studios 1&2 and KMH Studios
Mixed at SMM Studio 2
Original artwork by Anders Bühlund
Photography by Göran Lindsjöö



Welcome To Bop City