Zinny J. Zan –
City Boy Blues
Fastlane Records

Zinny J. Zan

City Boy Blues


City Boy Blues
Grin ‘N’ Bear It
Love Is Like Fire
I Believe
Stand Up For Your Rights
Point Of No Return
Lost Generation
Reach For The Sky
Blow By Blow
Wild As A Rose


Zinny J. Zan – Vocals
Sören Swanson – Guitars
Christian Baraldi – Guitars
Mathew Baraldi – Drums
Vince Frances – Bass
Johan Glösner – Guitars
Kee Marcello – Guitars, Bass
Maxe Axelsson – Keyboards


Mixed and produced by Maxe Axelson and Zinny J. Zan
Recorded and mixed at Pama Records Studio 1, Kristianopel, Sweden
Mastered by Cliff Wallace
CD layout and artwork by Yoshiki Igarashi at Scream Creative
Co-artwork directions by Shawn C. Lane at Fastlane Records