Zinny J. Zan

City Boy Blues

If you forget that that grunge ever happened and got a craving for the melodic hard rock of the late 80’s than Zinny J Zan has got you covered. Not the sound of Warrant you putz, I’m talking bout GNR and Aerosmith’s CD’s of that era. The guitars are big, the production even bigger and the vocals are from the streets. Bluesy metals riffs are the order of the day here and Zinny does an admirable job of making this almost forgotten format sound relevant today. But it might not go far enough and while older fans who grew up with this style of rock should love every note, the kids aren’t likely to get the chance to hear what made their older brothers and sisters pack arenas in the 80’s with a cigarette lighter in hand to hear the rock! But who knows, I was too young to live through that scene and I think this stuff is damn cool. So what the hell do I know? It’s solid hard rock’‚ roll that may be a bit retro but that doesn’t make it any less cool!

Scott Slapp