Zinny J. Zan

City Boy Blues

Former Shotgun Messiah frontman Zinny J Zan is back with his first solo album. Recorded in his native Sweden, the album sees Zinny return to the roots of Shotgun high octane sleaze hard rock. Musically, this is pretty good stuff if it’s within your realm of taste at least. I can’t help but think this is a glam version of Thin Lizzy, with those Phil Lynott style vocals and a solid rhythm section and melodic verses. You might notice some variation in the production sound between tracks. Not sure why it normally means some tracks were recorded at different times. The album features a swaggering in your face opener, with a good hook, but soft rhythm section. Grin N Bear It is heavier and darker, while Love Is Like Fire is an acoustic driven, sing-a-long rock ballad.

Proving that this album is pretty diverse in it’s delivery, the song Hollywood is one of those very Lizzy tracks and elsewhere Point Of No Return turns semi-industrial and Lost Generation is a big upbeat rock anthem. The album closes with the big ballad Wild As A Rose. Right throughout, this album delivers with memorable hooks and attitude fueled sleaze hard rock. Special guests on the record include Stixx (ex Shotgun Messiah), Kee Marcello (ex-Easy Action, Europe), and Mickey Dee from Motorhead.

The Bottom Line: Shotgun fans would have to be satisfied, as should other fans of the uptempo glam/sleaze genre. Zinny puts in some solid vocal performances and the production and style – although varied – are above average for a small label release.


Additional Ratings:
Songwriting 85%
Attitude 80%
Production 80%