Zinny J. Zan

City Boy Blues

“City Boy Blues”: A groovy guitar rocker with all ingredients you are used to from classic THIN LIZZY songs. For example, the balladesque middle-part or the lament use of the word “mama” in the lyrics. Zinny J. Zan’s voice sounds surprisingly close to Phil Lynott.

“Hollywood”: Even though this straight and immensely cool up-tempo rocker sounds like a Phil Lynott written song, it is NOT a cover version of THIN LIZZY’s “Hollywood”.

“Point Of No Return”: It is only speculation, but this song gives a hint to what a modern issue of THIN LIZZY would sound like if Phil Lynott had not passed away. The song plays with distorted vocals, but the vocal melody has typical THIN LIZZY characteristics. I also love the song’s tricky drum groove and the fat guitar sound!

“Lost Generation”: Another great, guitar-driven up-tempo rocker with a big THIN LIZZY variation. I am sure Phil Lynott would love the twin guitar attack pepping up this song!

“Reach For The Sky”: The best of three ballads included on “City Boy Blues”. The song gets carried by a deeply sad melody and plays with some cleverly used (voice) effects which give it a very special sound and atmosphere.
“City Boy Blues” is the first solo album by Zinny J. Zan, who gathered experience as lead singer of EASY ACTION, SHOTGUN MESSIAH and ZAN CLAN. Since none of these bands didn’t really impress me, my expectations on “City Boy Blues” were not overly high. Perhaps that’s the reason why I am so positively surprised by this record, which is bristling with countless THIN LIZZY influences. The whole songwriting and even Zinny J. Zan’s vocal style orientate with the works of the unforgettable Phil Lynott, so I am deeply convinced that the fans of THIN LIZZY, John Sykes and STREET LEGAL will take much pleasure in the recommended tracks. It is true not all songs can keep the extremely high level of these songs (in particular “Grin N’ Bear It” and “Stand Up For Your Rights” fall flat), but that shouldn’t keep you from taking a listen! “City Boy Blues” is a positively old-fashioned Hard Rock album I emphatically recommend to the still numerous fans of THIN LIZZY!


Rating 85%
Production 87%
Presentation 72%