How does that overused cliche go? “All good things must come to an end?” Soooooo sad to see KMFDM fall into stagnation like yesterday’s butterfly collars. Sascha, En Esch, Gunther, Ogre, Skold, Rudolph, many people went into this band and it’s disheartening to view their final demise. Loved ’em for years. Sascha Konietzko has done more for music than most record labels; remixes for anyone on the planet including White Zombie, Love and Rockets, Sascha’s side project Excessive Force, helping roadie Chris Randell form Sister Machine Gun and so on.

‘Adios’ is namely Sascha and Skold but the rest of the KMFDM clan are on the credits as well. Surprisingly, most of the album sucks. I had high hopes for this release since Sascha is two steps removed from god and Skold’s final Shotgun Messiah release was superb. This ‘Adios’ contraption, on the other hand, is miserable. KMFDM fans will be disappointed as will Skold’s following. The whole album is disjointed and just really bad. I realize no KMFDM album sounds like another (UAIOE is not Naive, that type of thing) but this sounds like an entirely different band altogether.
Skold does not have the talent Sascha does and Skold was given too much free reign. Lame. Title track is ok. ‘DIY’ starts off with a big orchestra sound, then looped, then drum machine, then Sasch’s trademark yelling, oh, strongest thing on the album. ‘DIY’ is excellent! Lyrics are the typical “we’re KMFDM and we kick butt” stanzas they’ve been spouting for way too long but it’s very enjoyable nontheless. Kickin.

‘That’s All’ has it’s own feel but just skip the other 7 “songs”. If this is the direction Sascha is going with MDFMK, it’s sad to see him go, he can do sooooo much better.

On a side note, it was cool that Skold and Sascha signed disks. Maybe parting ways with Wax Trax! was the way to go. I guess we’ll find out.