Um, I, er, really wsh I could say good things about this album but… I wasn’t paid enough. Actually, I wasn’t even paid. Not even pesos. Sascha doesn’t label KMFDM as industrial, that’s the best term for the band available, they sure as hell aren’t celtic and I doubt you’ll see the Frank Sinatra / Sascha duets coming anytime soon. It was nice to see En Esch having a lot of impact on this album – I expected better from him. Nothing stands out. Gunter is virtually non existant. Pathetic CD, really.

“Megalomaniac” is the lead-in and has some dancibility with the same old “KMDFM is the best, everyone else sucks” slogans they’ve been preaching for 10+ years but it’s still a good tune. “Mercy” also holds its’ own.

One of the few high points is “Anarchy”, written and sung by Mr. Tim Tim Skold (formerly of Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, and a real short solo career). If you’ve listened to Skold’s debut, “Anarchy” would be similar to “Anything” in lyrical content but better mixed and not nearly as predictable.

I love KMFDM, the revolving door of artistic talent is the main reason for their continued success. I also love the fact that KMFDM puts out an album virtually every single year, none of this 3 years between albums crap. As long as KMFDM is around, I will buy their stuff but this is probably their worst album since KMFDM v PIG – I’m really disappointed.