With the titanic album “Adios”, KMFDM disbanded early last year. It was a dark day for industrial fans- it was the end of an era. Then came another announcement- the former members of KMFDM were reforming, under a new name and a new label. Enter MDFMK.

This release is much anticipated, with all the usual questions asked of such albums. “Is it the same sound?” “Is it like their previous release, or back to their old style?” “Something completely new, maybe?”

Well, a combination of all of the above. When you listen to the album, it still feels like KMFDM during song songs, while others feel new, fresh. The vocals are what you’d expect, but the music has evolved. Gone are KMFDM’s days of simplistic but catchy industrial rock- their new material has taken them to another level. My first impressions were that they’ve got more commercial, more accessible?

While this may be true, this doesn’t have to be a negative thing. The songs are complex; technically stunning at times – this is a very very mature album. One thing that struck me in particular was the ‘grandness’ of the sound. The colossal, neo-orchestral sound, which we had glimpses of in “Adios”, are used to perfection – while refusing to water down the industrial we’ve all come to expect from the giant that is KMFDM.

Hard rock fans should definitely check this one out; it may have electronic elements, but its still a great CD. Industrial fans, its KMFDM! Buy it!