In comparison with ‘Adios’, this S/T Universal release (no longer on the Wax) is a huge improvement. Aside from “Chaos” and a few other tracks, Skold’s singing has been lackluster for years. “Anarchy2 (from KMFDM’s Five Symbols CD) was great but doesn’t Skold just sound bored when he sings it? There’s no heart, no force, no effort. You can imagine my surprise when I heard “Rabble Rouser” – a power track similar to “A Drug Against War” (heavy guitar, relentless, fast) which is odd since primary song credits go to newcomer Lucia Cifarelli.

Skold found some fire for his voice though. Wahoo. “Torpedos” with it’s “god damn the torpedos” refrain is blatantly built for radio (boo, hiss) but has a slick vocal hook with the “damn” part coming down an octive and with more force – comes off well. It feels like an anthem. An anthem to what I don’t know but definitely anthem material. Seeing as how both tracks are available as singles, I’d have to agree with Universal’s marketing dept.

As “Rabble Rouser” and “Torpedos” are the main ear candy. Track 1, “Now2, has a real ballsy DIY-ish introduction, like horns wailing in the air before delving into medieval battle. “Gasoline” is slower but has that trademark KMFDM blood coursing through it’s veins. It’s very KMFDM and an enjoyable outing.

After reading a few interviews w/Sascha I was worried that MDFMK would be unapproachable to the KMFDM masses (like FLA’s radical departure to Delerium) but I’m glad to say if you’re a KMFDM nut, MDFMK is an easy transition. You have to respect Sascha for continuing to put out great stuff year after year. I’d love to meet him someday. I met Skold back in his Shotgun Messiah era; SM finished a show in Boston and I was banging on their tour bus along with two chicks from Sub Pop. 2:00 AM and Skold just walked out, signed my disc, and hung out. I still think Sascha works better with Watts, Gunther, and En Esch (like Tim Tim works better with Harry K. Cody).

Production quality is flawless thanks to Chris Shepard. Go MDFMK.