Shotgun Messiah

Second Coming

Metal Hammer #16
Dec 1991

I’ve always been somewhat indifferent to Shotgun Messiah. They strike me as being one of those bands which has no signature, no unique selling point, not to mention all the noise and posturings of a thousand other bands. Unfortunately, this album, ‘Second Coming’ doesn’t really change that.

‘Sex Drugs Rock’n’Roll’ is everything you’d expect it to be, anthemic, full of cocky strutting and is the only song on the album worth more than cursory listen. Shotgun Messiah must sit there and pull clichés out of a big sack. Look at ‘Heartbreak Boulevard’ for example, talking about ‘heartbreak strip’, I’m surprised they haven’t managed to whack in ‘walking down this boulevard of broken dreams’. As for ‘Babylon’, well, Faster Pussycat used the title to better effect.
This is not the best album I’ve heard this year, but to be fair is not the worst – although songs like ‘Trouble’ don’t make it any less crap. ‘Splatterpunx on acid’ says the lyric. Bollocks.
Shotgun Messiah will disappear up their own bottoms very soon. Fingers crossed, eh?

Andy Bradshaw