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What is with this incessant urge to try and sound like other well established acts and thereby stifle your own musical creativity? Skold has befallen the ultimate curse of the crossover guitar artist and has chosen to stride the path blazed by none other than Trent Reznor.

Tim Skold, formerly of Shotgun Messiah, has utilized the talents of the best musical engineers in the business just to release yet another concept clone. Note for note this album is a Nine Inch Nails fan’s wet dream. It’s like Skold stalked the infamous Mr. Self Destruct in order to pattern his musical change in an identically woven pattern.
It really is a shame that Skold has chosen to stoop to this level to release such a blatant carbon copy album when lying underneath the facade lies a truly talented artist. With luck maybe he will recover quickly and release more material with his own particular signature sound instead of borrowing someone elses.