TIM SKOLD – ‘DEAD GOD’ (6-track CD-Demo)
(Recorded: late 2000)

1. Don’t Pray For Me
2. The Point
3. Dead God
4. Believe
5. I Hate
6. Burn

Line-up unknown, but probably Skold playing everything. Rumours says that there are four leftover tracks from the same sessions, that remains “unreleased”. The tracks are “Don’t Ask”, “If”, “Consequence” and “Too Weird”. Any information regarding these tracks are welcomed!

HARRY CODY – ‘STARK’ (6-track CD-Demo)
(Recorded: 1997)

1. Forever (All Gone To Tears)
2. Killing Time (Every Day I Come Undone)
3. The Ultimate Kiss (Such Graceful Insanity)
4. If You Got What You Wanted (Want To Touch me Where It Counts)
5. What Have You Done (Heaven) (My Heart Grows Stranger)
6. Another High (I Need To Touch My Soul)

Harry Cody – guitars, vocals, programming

Produced by Reuben Shelter
Mastered by Jussi Tegelman
Manufacvtured by Jeff Elbel
All songs © 1997 Harry Cody

(Recorded: 1996)

1. Alone
2. What Do You Want
3. Another Perfect Day

Harry Cody – guitars, programming
Georg Dolivo – vocals

(Notes: Track 1 and 2 showed up on the soundtrack to “Boogie Boy”.)

(Recorded: 1996-97 c:a)

1. Blow By Blow
2. Wild As A Rose
3. I Believe
4. Reach For The Sky
5. Grin An’ Bear It
6. Get Down To the Move
7. Love Is Like Fire
8. Lost Generation
9. Hollywood

Zinny J. San – vocals
Musicians unknown

(“Released” 12 November 1990)

1. Night Time’s The Right Time
2. Never Too Late
3. What You See Is What You Get

Zinny J. San – vocals
Martin Thomander – guitars (later joined Electric Boys)
Fredrik Thomander – bass (later joined Vildsvin)
Jake Samuels – drums (later started, as a vocalist, his own band Jekyll & Hyde. Also made a quick vistit in Treasure Land as well as in different cover-bands.)

COSMIC ZOO – Master copy
(unreleased untitled album)

1. Tomorrow Is Today
2. New Life
3. Toxic
4. Into The Fire
5. Happy
6. Deaf, Dumb & Blind
7. Walk Away
8. High
9. Searching
10. Wild At Heart
11. Stay Down
12. Paranoia Land
13. Dirty Water
14. Brother

Jukka “J.K. Knox” Kemppainen – guitars
Mika Korpi – vocals
Tomas “Totte” Slåttbacken – guitars
Niclas Eriksson – bass
Marco Siila – drums (later in Freinds)

Recorded in Sun Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark

ACT – Demo #2
(Recorded 1985)

1. Insanity
2. Glorious Nation
3. Battleslay

Tony Johansson (later in Masquerade as Tony Yohanson) – vocals
Tim Skold – bass
Jan Strandh – guitars (Went on to form the band Zanity, feat. Bjarne “BC Strike” Johansson on drums. Zanity was later re-named to Master Massive.
Christer “Rispan” Rispling – drums

ACT – Demo #1
(Recorded 1984)

1. Black Sun
2. The Wizz
3. Wulpus
4. Human Error
5. Christian Crusader
6. Burning
7 . (The Sound Of) The Northern Bell
8 . The Rose
9 . Concrete And Bars

Line-up: see above line-up.